The Advantages of Spray Tanning

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Bronzed, tanned, golden… in summer time it seems that everyone wishes to look as if they have spent many weeks in the sun getting that all-important even tone.  Celebrities are often photographed with a seemingly perfect tan inspiring millions to follow in their footsteps.  There are many ways of achieving the coveted sun-kissed look including real sunshine and sunbeds, so why has spray tanning become so popular?


Spray tanning has a whole host of advantages including speed, safety and reliable results. The most obvious advantage of spray tanning as a tanning method is the lack of ultra violet rays in the process.  Whilst sunbeds come with cautions and time limits and there are frequent warnings about being out in the heat of the day without sunblock, UV damage is an unavoidable part of natural tanning.  This UV damage at best promotes premature ageing and at worst can bring the onset of skin cancer.  Meanwhile spray tanning can give you that all-over glow without the health dangers of a natural tan.  (Of course the spray tan itself does not protect you from the sun, and sun cream with a high SPF factor must still be used.) 


Professional spray tanning can also offer a more even tan.  For anyone who has fallen asleep in the sun, only to discover that one side is tanned (or even burned) whilst the other remains pasty white, you can appreciate the difficulties of getting an even natural tan.  The fine mist used in spray tanning can produce a uniform finish without streaks, allowing experienced professionals to offer an effective tanning solution.  Further limitations of real tanning, and indeed sunbeds, include the inability to gain an all over tan.  Natural tans tend to remain patchy whilst a fake tan can provide an all-over covering. 


Opting for a spray tan allows you to have a tan all year, even throughout the cold winter months.  The winter sun is not strong enough to provide a tan and many climates are not best suited to tanning even in the summer months.  Those who opt for a natural tan struggle to top it up after the summer is over, whilst millions of others retain their golden glow irrespective of the season using this fake tanning method.


The solution with the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA) used to create the mist in spray tanning offers the opportunity to choose a specific shade according to preference.  A darker colour can also be reached far more quickly than when tanning in the sunlight, and can be achieved at your convenience, even when the sun has gone down.  The DHA penetrates the first layer of skin, reacting with amino acids to produce a tanned colour.  The equivalent tan would take far longer to achieve naturally or through tanning beds.  Once the spray tan is allowed to dry it will not rub off but instead slowly fades.  This makes spray tanning a far more reliable option than personally applied fake tan, which often comes off onto clothing. 


Spray tanning has not always had the best reputation.  It used to be associated with an orange skin tone and streaky outcome.  The most up-to-date products are far more reliable than older ones giving an even and consistent tone.  These modern products can provide an excellent base tan to give you confidence prior to a holiday. 


Overall, spray tanning is a safe method of procuring an even tan.  It is quick and effective, avoiding the serious dangers from UVA and UVB that are associated with natural and sunbed tanning.  Through this method a golden tan can be achieved year-round, giving you confidence in your skin even in the depths of winter. 

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Richard Warden is the Managing Director of Helionova and first launched UV tanning equipment in the UK market at Salon International in 1977 and recommends you visit the Sunless Tanning website for more information on spray tanning.

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The Advantages of Spray Tanning

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This article was published on 2011/05/16