Spray Tanning - Tips to Achieving Your Perfect Tan

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Now that summer is here, you are probably looking for a safe and easy way to keep your skin looking healthy and golden, one solution many turn to is Spray Tan. Spray tanning can be done at home or by a professional. Here are some tips to help you find your perfect match.

First, some general tips to remember before you spray tan. Always remember to exfoliate before spray tanning. The pigment will adhere to dead skin cells and if you have any especially dry areas, it will create an uneven tan. After exfoliating, use moisturizer on dry areas or patches such as elbows and knees to help prevent color build up in those areas.

If you are considering spray tanning at home, you have several options available at various price levels. The first tip to doing it at home; consider enlisting some help. Creating a perfect even tan on your back may prove quite a challenge so it might be useful to have help. Also, remember to follow the directions. If the spray tan you are using requires a base coat be sure to do this, it will save you time and effort in the long run.

If you choose spray tanning away from home you have two options. One is spray tanning in a booth where you will be misted from head to toe. With this process you may want to consider protective eyewear, the booth may get a bit stuffy, and you may not want it in your eyes, you can also hold your breath as it passes your face. The whole process is very quick and you will be sure to get an even golden tan, without the hassle of doing it yourself. The other option is having a professional air brush you. This spray tanning method typically is the more expensive option, but it guarantees an excellent color match and even tan. Spray tan by hand allows the professional to apply the tan lighter in areas that need less and darker in areas where you want more such as your legs. A professional can help you achieve the perfect tan.

Whether you choose spray tanning at home or decide to let the professionals do it, you can be sure to find a spray tan to keep your skin looking sun-kissed all summer long without the time or damage of actually sitting in the sun.

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Spray tanning is a great way to get that summer look quickly. Check out Spray Tan Tips for more information.

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Spray Tanning - Tips to Achieving Your Perfect Tan

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This article was published on 2010/03/31