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Sun tans, tanning bed tans, tans that come from a bottle and spray tans. What do they have in common? You guest it- a tan! We as people are obsessed how we look. Fact is a great looking tan does make you look healthy and some people down right hot!

"Sensational Spray Tan - Now Mobile"! All through this month of October I have been investigating and looking for the best spray tan. More particular in what makes a great spray tan. What I have learned is there is about three main manufacturers that produce the main ingredients that make up most of all spray tans. The biggest difference is in how the spray tan is applied and maintained. More about that in a minute. First the main three types of spray tans.

1.) The skin dye type that is similar to Copper Tone tans.
2.) Another type is like an oil based paint that can leave you feeling greasy.
3.) The third is the sunless tanner dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and is currently the most popular way of gaining a tan-like appearance without sun exposure as it carries less health risks than any of the other available methods. To date, it is the only active ingredient approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for sunless tanning.

Each of the above mentioned have there place but the most preferred is the sunless tanner dihydroxyacetone (DHA). When thinking a DHA spray tan think of how an apple will turn brown when exposed to the air after it is cut. DHA's main ingredient is a carbohydrate and derived from a plant source usually from sugar cane. This carbohydrate reacts with the proteins in the skin turning the outer most layer of the skin brown (like the apple) until the skin is sloughed off by natural skin replacement.

Now that is out of t he way, back to the "BEST SPRAY TAN". Most of us have used a spray tan booth right? Me too. These can work really well, if you prep first. I have learned through my month long search for that perfect spray tan, that not all spray tan places tell you the most important part of a spray tan, the prep. As you can probably guess I have not written about these places and certainly will not be giving them a plug. All of of us have seen the film they require you to watch before we stepped into the booth. They all say rub this on here or there so not to get tanned in the wrong places. Put on the eye and nose protector so not to get the spray up it or in it. But! The number one thing they do not tell you is you need to exfoliate your skin before you start your spray tan. You have to do this or your tan will not be even and it will not last very long.

Now, for the "best, sensational spray tan", ready? Here it comes. I found it in a mobile spray tan. Yep, a mobile spray tan and I didn't even have to leave the office. :)A lot of the spray tanning salons that I visited did a fair tanning job but they were not consistent. What I mean by that is one time I would come out one shade of brown another a different shade. I noticed that it seemed controlled by who was working the desk that day. Most of the time it was not much of a difference but other times I would come out down right disappointed.

Along comes a "sensational" mobile spray tanning salon by the name of "Cinnamon Bunz" in Tampa. I did not know there was such a thing as a mobile tanning salon. What makes it so "sensational" you ask? The first thing is the knowledge that the owner operator Dawn Schenck has. I really felt confident in her abilities. She is the first who informed me about exfoliating the skin before the spray tan. Next was the spray tan its self. I am fair skinned (like Erik the Red) and that was not a problem. Dawn had the ability to adjust the spray tanning solution to meet my skin type. It helps to have some one with her experience. She explained that before any spray tanning product was chosen she researched to find the best product available. The only product she will use are Aviva Labs products. Why I asked, she replied "not only are they the best skin care products, but if Vogue, Cosmo and Professional Beauty Magazines use them I can't be wrong"! Good point. Next was how the spray tan was applied. It is applied with a spray gun. This was great because of the control of the tanning solution and the accuracy of the placement of the spray. It certainly made for the most even, darkest tan I ever had and it looked natural. I had no extra dark creases around my wrist or neck! All of this was performed in a portable spray tent at the office. It kind of reminds me of when the portable car wash guys come up to the office.

I'm starting to get long winded and I do not want to sound like a commercial so I will stop here. Like I said in the title if you want a "Sensational Spray Tan" go mobile. If you are in the Tampa Bay area give Cinnamon Bunz a call, you will be glad you did!
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Dawn Schenck is the owner and operator of "Cinnamon Bunz Mobile Bronzing" located in Tampa Florida. "Need Tan?" Will travel! Dawn uses only "safe" Aviva Lab certified products that are irritant free and dries in minutes odor less and with out that orange look you can get from salons. If you are in need of a quick safe great looking tan give "Cinnamon Bunz Mobile Bronzing" a call at (813) 600-9438 or visit them on line at

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Sensational Spray Tan - Now Mobile!

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This article was published on 2010/10/23