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Last week when one of my neighbors was out walking in our neighborhood,like he does every day, he saw a dog charging his way. Occasionally we see deer and once in a while we see a bear wandering around but more frequently we see dogs-dogs on the loose.


This has gotten to be such a growing problem in the United States one that has gathered the attention of my customers. I get more phone calls and more e-mails about how to deal with that more than any other single topic.


Anyhow, back to my neighbor as he was walking along, minding his own business a strange dog started charging at him. He made a mistake of starting to run away. I have yet to see a man who could out run a dog, any kind of a dog; big, small, fat, skinny doesn't matter-that just can't be done. That is one of the things that you learn is to never run away from a dog. But he didn't know what else to do. The dog was quickly upon him and knocked him over.


The rest is a very sad story about how he needed 60 stitches to get back in shape. It's a good thing that he had companions walking with him. They were able to tear the dog away and prevent what could have been an even more disastrous situation.


If you've ever been attacked by a charging dog you know how frightening it can be. It was for me back in the mid-80s and cost me 180 stitches. To this day, every time I see dog running at me I cringe. It's something that just doesn't go away.


I used to recommend a dog pepper spray. It was a 2 percent concentration of oleoresin capsicum specifically designed so it wouldn't hurt dogs. That was way back then. I got to thinking I'm not really concerned about hurting a dog when it's charging at me. So I started recommending the telescopic stun baton. For many people it works very well and most dogs when they hear a charging stun baton back off.


The problem with the telescopic stun baton is that it only extends to 2 feet-which means you have to be within 2 feet of the charging dog-not exactly a good idea if you ask me.


Now I recommend the pepper gun that shoots out a full strength 10 percent oleoresin capsicum spray up to 25 feet away. It has enough OC spray in the rechargeable cartridges for seven 25 foot shots enough for multiple attackers or multiple shots at a dog in case you miss. If you hit a dog in the face with this spray he will not bother you again.


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Best Protection From Dog Attacks

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This article was published on 2011/04/08